O`ahu Bulky Item Appointment Collection Service

Beginning July 1, 2020 the City began bulky item collection by appointment only for all areas of O`ahu. Before you begin, see our Bulky Item Collection Rules and Guidelines for setout rules and to learn what types of items can be collected. Schedule your appointment using the tool below.


For refuse, mixed recyclables and green waste.


Important Local Phone Numbers

748-5000   Utility Board of Water
748-5872   After hour water emergency
548-7311   Hawaiian Electric Company
548-7961   Hawaiian Electric Company Service Calls
643-3456   Hawaiian Tel Com
643-2100   Ocean-Time Warner Cable
217-0944   Executive One Protection (Ocean Pointe Security)

Public Schools / Kids Clubs & Programs

307-2300   Ewa Beach Elementary
689-1380   Keoneula Elementary
687-9500   Ewa Makai Middle
689-1250   Ilima Intermediate
689-1200   James Campbell High
689-4182   Boys & Girls Club Hale Pono

City Numbers

768-3202   Bulk Item collection
768-3346   City/County Facility Maintenance (Street Signs)
733-4300   Civil Defense
955-8300   Crime Stoppers
455-1725   Dead Animal Pick up
768-3100   Driver’s License – Kapolei
911             Fire/Police
689-1204   Library – Ewa Beach
532-7700   License Registration
973-5286   Nation Weather Service – Oahu
768-3003   Park Recreation Programs
723-7162   Police Department – Kapolei Station
768-7777   Pot Hole Hotline
768-3980   Property Tax
768-7272   Sewer Hotline
772-1213   Social Security Office - Kapolei

Click here to report a problem to the City & County of Honolulu

Abandoned or derelict vehicles  Click here


If the area from the curb (or road edge in the case of unimproved sidewalk setback) to the private property line shows evidence of being cracked, uplifted, blocked by overgrowth, obstruction (other than by vehicles which Honolulu Police Department handles via 911), or hole, call the Housing Code Section, Department of Planning and Permitting at 768-8118.

Public Trees

For placement, replacement, trimming, removal, relocation, or donations of city trees, handled by the Department of Parks and Recreation Division of Urban Forestry, please call 971-7151.  For more information view Guidelines for Inquiries Relating to Trees.




Are homeowners responsible for maintaining sidewalk

HONOLULU (KHON2) — As a homeowner, are you responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalk in front of your house? According to the City and County of Honolulu the short answer is yes.

However, it isn’t as simple as noticing a crack along the sidewalk directly in front of your house or noticing overgrown weeds along the sidewalk behind your backyard. 

The City and County of Honolulu said sidewalk maintenance is important to avoid any trip hazard that may take place due to uneven pavement, overgrown weeds and trash along the sidewalk. 

The Customer Services Department oversees the enforcement and the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), residential code branch ensures compliance of codes.

In the Public Works Infrastructure referring to Chapter 14, their requirements include fees and services and goes over what a homeowner is responsible for. 

In section 14-20.1 of the Cleaning of Sidewalks section it states, every property owner whose land abuts or adjoins a public street will continually maintain, and keep clean, passable, and free from weeds and noxious growths, the sidewalk and gutter area which abuts or connects the property owner’s property. 

This section also states this requirement doesn’t apply where maintenance of an abutting sidewalk and gutter may be hazardous to the owner, or where a sidewalk and gutter are so situated that there is no reasonable access from the property to the sidewalk and gutter. 

The city states the term “sidewalk” as used is referring to the portion of a street between a curb line or the pavement of a roadway, and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians, including any setback area acquired by the city for road widening purposes. 

The term “gutter” as used is referring to the paved portion of a roadway immediately adjacent to the curb or that portion of a roadway in concrete and 12 to 14 inches wide immediately adjacent to the curb.

In section 14-20.2 of the Procedure on Owner Failing to Clean, it outlines the next steps if a homeowner does not comply with maintaining their sidewalk area. 

According to this section, if the owner receives a notice to clean their sidewalk, they have 20 days to do so, or the city will do it and bill the homeowner the expense.

This includes a notice to clean up the sidewalk or failure and neglecting to keep their sidewalk clean and free from weeds and noxious growths.

To read the full requirements including fees and services click here and for more information or to reach out to the City and County of Honolulu head to their website

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