Parking in Ocean Pointe

     All of the streets in Ocean Pointe in Ewa Beach, Hawaii have been turned over to City and County. As such, HPD is responsible for the enforcement of street parking rules. All vehicles that are parked within the community must adhere to all City and County parking regulations. No part of any vehicles may be parked on any part of the lawn including graveled areas.

    Vehicles parked in the driveway may not block the pedestrian right-of-way (sidewalk) to the degree that pedestrians are forced into the roadway. ADA standards require a minimum of 4' clearance between the vehicle bumper and the edge of the driveway. All vehicles that are parked visibly on the street or driveway must be in operating condition, currently registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles of the City & County of Honolulu, and bear the current safety inspection sticker in a clearly visible location.
  Please note, parking is not permitted in the alleyways and fire lanes. You are allowed to park temporarily in order to unload packages, wash vehicles, etc.  However, unattended vehicles are subject to tow.

How to obtain a Parking Pass

  Obtaining a guest parking pass is easy and depends on where you live in Ocean Pointe. The Ocean Pointe Community Center does not issue Parking Passes.  Please see the guest parking pass contact information below:
  • Ke' alohi Kai: 836-0911, Associa Hawaii
  • Ke Aina Kai: 593-9100, Hawaiiana Management
  • Ke Noho Kai: 539-9777, Hawaiian Properties
  • Fairway's Edge: 792-3078, Site Manager
  • Spinnaker Town Homes: 629-7132, Site Manager
  • Mariner's Place: 836-0911, Associa Hawaii
To report an abandoned vehicle, call 808-733-2530 or submit online by clicking here