Kent's Corner

Please help us keep Ocean Pointe aesthetically appealing. Driving around Ocean Pointe, it is hard to miss all of the signs tacked to utility and traffic poles. From shows and concerts to garage sales and lost pets, many people think nothing of using the poles as their own private message boards. It may seem harmless enough, but posting signs, fliers and announcements on City/County poles is illegal and subject to serious penalties.

There are several reasons for the laws. These postings degrade the unique beauty of our beloved community, they are dangerous for utility line and repair workers, and more importantly they serve to distract drivers. Hawai'i Revised Statutes 445-114 and 445-121 spell out penalties for individuals who post signs on poles and for organizations sponsoring advertised events or operating businesses being advertised. Fines for posting signs on poles can be as high as $500 and/or 30 days in jail. Additionally, once perpetrators receive written notice of the violation, they may be subject to additional fines of up to $200 per posted piece and may have to perform community service if they don't remove the signs within 72 hours after the date of the advertised event or after written notification of the violation, whichever comes first.

These fliers are visual pollution that lower the quality of life for our residents and detracts from the beauty of our community. Commercial fliers are the most objectionable. It's not hard for promoters to hire people who with a staple gun and a trunk full of these cheap eyesores, can bring "instant ugliness" to some of Ocean Pointe’s most beautiful streets.

But even signs for a baby lu'au, garage sale, or lost pet are illegal and add to the visual pollution. These fliers often remain long past the event, frayed and faded, until rain and wind finally remove them months later. The result is more litter, as ugly and unappealing as discarded beer cans and fast-food wrappers.

What can you do? Inform anyone you see posting signs that it is illegal and could subject them to penalties.

If poles on your street have been "papered" with event advertisements or other notices, call our G4S security at 227-9098 to report the problem.

If your club is looking for a service project, consider removing the duck tape, nails, or staples from poles in your neighborhood. Safety first, please use heavy gloves and proper tools.

Ocean Pointe is a great community and getting better every day. It will remain one of the most desirable places to live with your continued support and spirit of community. I love my job and working with and serving all of you is the best!

Mahalo nui,


General Manager